To this day I do not have a more loyal ,faithful ,giving friend than Champ .. He chose me from four of us after a bow hunt when we found him along with 3 other dogs that year. He ran straight to me and the rest is pure bliss from there .. !! He was challenged from minute we met ,smallest of the 3 he prevailed over the other 3 dogs with pure heart. As a bird hunter my friends challenged my choice, they wanted me to take on a pure bred as I was given the pick of the litter from one friend. On his own Champ proved himself from day one of meeting my hunting buddies. Nose to the ground he found and retrieved pheasant wings to me at no more than 6 weeks old in front of my friend , he got an atta boy and that was it .. !!
After years of hard hunting he never received any proper respect from from friends other than he’s not bad for a MUTT ..!!
Champ didn’t receive accolades and did not need them , he was pure heart.. his performance in the field was incredible. He responded to simple hand signals , no audible commands were nessacary like the other PURE breds required.. !! STILL no respect other than from me. He prevailed with a wagging tail and a smile just as he did when I left home and returned home. At my side thru thick an thin wether camping ,hunting or just in the yard doing my chores Champ was there ALWAYS ..!! To this day when sitting by the fire I reach out to put my hand on his head and he’s not there … 3 years ago I took him to the Doc thinking he was coming home with me with some meds … I had to leave without him. Champs collar hangs on a nail in front of me as I write this , his picture is next to the collar… !!! I miss being able to say get the bird Champ , knowing full well he was going to do better than any other dog there.
I love and miss you my friend ……

— Greg from Warren, MI