Our rescue dog’s name is Cassandra. We rescued her in March of 2005. When we got to the shelter another woman was holding her. When she heard we came to the shelter just to see this little Pappion she hand her over to my soon to be bride, Kathy. She was such a cute little dog, she maybe weighed in at 5 or 6 lbs. Kathy just had to have her. The people at the shelter told us her name was Fifi. The name did not fit her. In the car on the way home Kathy asked me what should we name her. Because of her colors I said ‘Cassandra’. Our new dog’s colors reminded me of the actress, Cassandra Peterson, as herself and not as Elvira.

One evening a mole got into the house. And before I could get home with the traps Cassandra captured the mole. Kathy opened the patio door and Cassandra took the mole outside and released the mole, probably she wanted to play with it.

Cassandra is a great loving dog. She loves to give you kisses on your nose. She is now 11 1/2 years old. I hope we have many more years with her.

— Jeff from Round Lake, IL