Zack came into our lives almost 11 years ago.
While at a restaurant where we were celebrating a friends birthday,there was a cage with a sign that read free puppies.
when we went to be seated there were 3 and when we came out there was only one left and he had kicked his water bowl over (today my wife and I swear he did it on purpose)
My wife went to the bar and got him some more water and picked him up and I knew he was coming home with us,
We could not have children and I wanted to name him a good southern name so my wife said if she had been a boy her name would of been Zachary Taylor hence that is how zack got his name.
He was half lab and half huskie and my wife swear he was a little person in a dog suit.
The way he would look at us like he totally understood our every word.
I know every body thinks there dog is the perfect dog and Ive had dogs all my life but we never had to discipline Zack he never went to the bathroom in the house or chewed up anything,
He lived with us in the house and had a bed in our bedroom.
Two years later we got Klemintine half basset hound half American bulldog.
She on the other hand was typical puppy and hard headed is a understatement.
Zachary and Klemintine we buddies from the beginning to the end.
Zack died peacefully Thursday night around 11pm,
the three of us miss him and will always cherish his memory,
He brought sunshine into our lives and left a paw print on our heart forever.
Rest in peace baby

— David from Jacksonville, FL