TT’s Angels

We have rescued many animals over the years, we have now 4 cats and two dogs all rescued from kill shelters or from being surrrendered. With the foreclosures, many people are having to give up their beloved pets. I hope to be able to save as many as possible, I am hopeful more will do the same.
We call ourselves “TT’s Angels in memoriam of my cat TT who has passed on to the great house above. Recently we rescued a Pitt Mix who was a “bait dog” and was going to be euthanized because she would NOT fight. I went and got her, and she is one of the most loving of all the pets I have rescued. We rescued a Great Pyrenees named “Bear” he was shelter bound as well because he didn’t get along with “new boyfriend”. He’s 160#’s of fur, and we love him! I will post pix of Bear and Cali if I am able to post more than one picture. Thank you for all you continue to do for us! We are very grateful.

We are not a non-profit organization, just a family saving one at a time. we also take all animals to the Veternarian to be checked out, and spayed / neutered. when re-homing them we never ask for more than what is spent on Veternarian care for the specific prospective adoptee. We also do fostering for Military families who are going to be temporarily stationed over – seas and cannot find a family member or friend to care for their pet. We don’t feel they should lose their pets because they are going to serve in the military on our behalf.

— Tammy from Citrus Heights, CA