Today, Our rescue boy, Reggie crossed over the rainbow bridge. He was the most loving and precious baby boy that I have ever known. He was a boy that was left for dead on the steps of the Huntsville, Al human society. He was hurt so badly that his complete back part of his body was broken (hips, legs, back, ribs, tail) while hit in the head. What is amazing is that he was a champion show dog before his terrible treatment. He was a fighter the whole way, even when he lost the use of his back legs a week ago. We had to carry him out to go potty and carry him in the house. he just last night, drug himself down the hall to bed, so that he could that he could be near us. He last night started having seizures and we called the vet who told us what to do to help him. I knew this morning that he was going to cross over the rainbow bridge, but it is still hard as I keep looking for him and wanting to go in and hold him. He never complained as when we were holding him, nor when we had to pick him up from outside. He fought to stay alive, but God must have thought that it was better to have him in heaven with all the other babies, including sprite as he went fighting. He was a great Mama’s boy who loved to lay behind my arm especially in the winter, to sleep and keep warm. We rescued Reggie as you rescued sprite and we are planning on rescuing another baby daschand. We love and miss him so much already and I know that it isn’t looking like it will get better before it gets worse. My Reggie boy, I miss him and my heart hurts a lot.

— Sarah of Portland, TN