Petunia & Dandelion

If you want to meet the prettiest Blue-Point Siamese cat ever, and the cutest Seal-Point Siamese cat ever – read on! It all started in January 2004 when we adopted a 4-year old blue-point Siamese female named Petunia. At the time, we were interested in getting a cat, and my wife’s family was very much into Siamese cats. Therefore, when someone made us aware of Petunia’s need for a new home, we said yes! Now she was the beloved kitten of a young woman that succumbed to cancer. From the loss of her owner to her fourth birthday, she was passed around from place to place. When she came to us, she was distrustful, spiteful and hissed like a mountain lion. We were initially doubtful that she would become a willing member of our family. The spine-tingling growl made us fearful of her. However, her deep blue eyes gave us a hint that she only wanted a home and loving owners. Within a couple days, she came around and learned to trust us. In the years, since she has become a sweet cat that follows us around like a shadow, and sleeps on my shoulder at night. She tolerates the kids and has no desire to entertain guests in our house. Actually, it is her house and she allows us to live there!

When we were planning our move from a condominium to a single-family home, we determined that Petunia needed a playmate. We found a nice lady in Maryland that bred Siamese cats. She had a new seal-point kitten that had a great personality and wanted a good home. We adopted this new kitten, and since Petunia is named after a flower, we decided to name him Dandilion. We call him Dandi! He is a real neat cat that has always known love. He plays with the kids and greets all of our guests. Moreover, he has become a wonderful companion to Petunia. Petunia and Dandi are inseparable and spend the early evenings chasing each other around the house. To hear them run through the house at full speed is like hearing a herd of elephants. At the end of their raucousness, Petunia curls up on my shoulder and Dandi slithers in between my wife and I for a night’s rest.

— Gerald of Potomac Falls, VA