This is Millie. She is an estimated 11 years old now, and we have had her with us since she was about 3 years old. She is a rescue dog, a female beagle, from the Kenton County dog pound. She was just 3 days from being put down for lack of space. We saved her and she is the love of our llife. We adore her and I think she knows we saved her. She is wonderful. she runs to greet me when I get home from work, tail wagging like crazy! She keeps an eye on the house, barks when she thinks we are being threatened. Millie does three things real well. She looks adorable, keeps us safe and does her business outside. A wonderful dog. My wife and twin daughters love the dog as well. Yes, dogs like Millie are special. We look forward to several more wonderful years with her as a member of the family.

— John from Lakeside Park, KY