This is about our Gus-Gus…he (like so many others dogs and cats) was dumped on our property. He had terrible ear infections, his teeth were literally worn off (the doctor thinks from chewing on rocks or a chain), hot spots, was not fixed, and was underweight. This dog was amazing, he was determined to live with us…he literally sat in the horse pen and whined to let us know he was here and wanted us to see him. Of course, the minute we saw him, we loved him! We called him “Big Brown Dog” as we were trying not to get attached as we attempted to find him a new home. Little did we know Gus-Gus decided that we were his new family. Well, it didn’t take long for us to realize that too! He needed a name because we decided that we would be his new family and love him forever! Gus-Gus fit him so well, (just like the fat lovable mouse from Cinderella) only Gus-Gus wasn’t fat ….. yet! Three doctor visits later…he was fixed, had his ear infections and hot spots taken care of and also found two fox-tails deep in his ear canal. He arrived here at under 80 pounds…Today he weights 120 pounds and is so loving! We aren’t sure of his age, so we are enjoying every day with him. Between the three different doctors that attended to his health care, there have been three different guesses as to what Gus-Gus is…we think he is some kind of a Mastiff/Lab cross. He loves to “talk” and loves to have his tummy scratched. We have other dogs that keep him company and of course he has his cats, they all love him! When Gus-Gus “talks” I think he says “mom” …he looks right at me when he does it…well others might think I am silly…but Gus-Gus and I know what he is saying.3058-Gus-Gus