My dog Courage came to me about 8 years ago, not long after my ex abandoned my sons and me.
I have raised my two boys alone, (haven’t heard from their mom) since they were 5 and 7. I never remarried, and Courage has helped me in raising my sons.
I was diagnosed w/ major clinical depression about that time, but every med I was given was worse than the depression. Courage turned out to be the best anti-depressant I could ever hope for.
When I was tired from working and raising kids, Courage was there to play. When I was lonely at night, Courage was there beside me in bed, reminding me I was not alone.
Last June, I was found to have a malignant colon cancer. Courage is with me when I’ve been sick from radiation and chemo.
I am so convinced Courage was a little something extra for me from God, in addition to two fantastic sons, like icing on an already good cake! I can’t look at him without being reminded how God loves me, how He thinks about “little extras” I’ve never deserved.
Now my buddy has had a knot come up on his side, and I will sell my car if I have to, to take care of him. I owe him, big time, and I REALLY owe God, but how can I ever repay Him?
I guess by loving the little guy He gave me. What wonderful gifts God gives!

— Tony from Ringgold, GA