Cha Cha

One day on a whim, I contacted a Pomeranian rescue to see if they had any dogs needing homes. The attendant said she knew of some pups needing homes, and put me in contact with a gentleman who said he had 3 half Japanese chin and 1/2 chihuahua pups in need of a family. My son and I, grabbed my 2 grown nieces, and all but flew to his house.
When he brought out the pups, they were so adorable! 2 were barking and full of life, but one was timid, shy, and the tiniest thing we had ever seen. We adopted her, and she became our Cha-cha Belle. My nieces fell in love with her brother and sister so they adopted them, so all the pups went to good homes that day. It was a good day.
That night we placed Cha-cha in her crate, and the next morning we rushed to get her out to play and she was almost lifeless….we could not get her to wake up. We rushed her to our vet and were told that she was so tiny that her body had trouble keeping her sugar regulated and that she was suffering from hypoglycemia. Miraculously, they were able to revive her, but she told us that we had a long road ahead of us and that we still may not be able to save Cha-cha Belle. We were determined that this pup would be saved, so we brought her home armed with instructions on how to treat her condition. Our vet advised us not to leave her alone in case she had an episode. If she became lethargic, we needed to rub Karo syrup on her gums to revive her, and that she must be fed by syringe every 2 hours, even overnight. She only weighed 1 1/3 pound at the time, but the vet said if we could get her past the age of 4 months and hr weight up to 2lbs, then she would probably outgrow the sugar issue and be fine.
For 2 solid months, I fed our cha-cha every 2 hours and she traveled everywhere with us. She was so tiny and sweet, that people gathered around her everywhere we would go, and the fact that I barely slept for 2 months is nothing.
This pup turned out to be such a blessing, and helped fill the void in our hearts after losing Tallulah Belle. I am happy to say, that our Cha-cha Belle is 6 moths old, weighs 2 pounds, and is as strong as a tiny little ox.
Her personality is as big as a mountain, and the expression on her little face makes her appear to be smiling all the time. We are in love with this animal!
We may have thought we were rescuing her from the shelter, but in fact, Cha-cha Belle wound up rescuing us.

— Donrae from Sand Springs, OK