When I finally read your book about Sprite this summer, it brought back all the horrible memories of when I lost my dog Bug. She was a Beagle/Shepard mix with the prettiest eyes and sweetest disposition of any dog I ever had — and I’ve had dogs all my life. We walked every day in the park by Beach Drive. In 2000, I was ill and on some heavy-duty meds. I swear that dog and our walks kept me alive. She started to develop fatty tumors. She had heart worms when we got her. Through all the surgeries and pain, she never whimpered. Then she was diagnosed with cancer throughout her body. There was nothing we could do except keep her comfortable. We took our walks up to the3 day she died. At about midnight, I heard her crying. I knew it was bad. She was walking blindly into objects and crying. It broke my heart. We took her to the all night clinic and did what was necessary. I still tear up when I think about it and I’m an old conservative who spent 20+ years as a business owner before becoming a teacher in the ghetto after 9-11. I don’t cry often or easily. We got another dog and I love her — even though she came from the pound pregnant with six puppies who destroyed my den. Now I have two dogs, the mom (Pig because she snorts) and Mojo, one of the puppies. Despite that, I still miss the Bug every day. She was special and a gift from God when I needed it most. I’ve read all your books and listened to the show hundreds of times, but to really know you, one must read about Sprite. Thanks for the opportunity this board provides.

— Dave from Silver Springs, MD