About 2 1/2 years ago, Buddy adopted us. While only a common grey squirrel, Buddy was part of the family. My wife and I are both very allergic to cats and dogs, but we love animals. Buddy was ideal since we weren’t allergic to her. Sadly, buddy passed away a couple of months ago due to complications from her last of several pregancies. She had been sick for a week or so and very skittish. We tried to catch her so we could take her to the vet, but had no luck. The last time we saw her was a Sunday morning just before we were to leave for church. I called her and in a few minutes she came crawling around the corner of the house, barely able to lift her head. I gave her some water and tried to catch her, but she avoided me and climbed in a bush. She would let me scratch her back, but still wouldn’t let me get her out of the bush. Before we left for church, she was barely breathing and we never saw her again. She is really missed. Two of her last litter are still around but it’s not the same.

— Barry from Southlake, TX