Sadly, my wife and I had a very tough weekend. Friday night after being with my 91 year old mother as she passed away, we came home to see our 10 year old Bailey having terrible difficulty walking and appearing in some pain. We took her to the emergency hospital in the morning where they “observed” her and sent her home with some pain medication and a prescription for anxiety and told me that she will be fine. That night she seemed to have difficulty breathing and the pain didn’t seem to go away. Sunday morning we took her to another emergency hospital where a competent doctor diagnosed her as having a brain tumor. (Bailey had one eye removed earlier this year due to a tumor, but they thought they got all of it). The doctor told us that she could only help Bailey by reducing the pain but that she would quickly become unable to eat and her suffering would increase. We didn’t want her to suffer any further so my wife and I decided to let Bailey be put to sleep. Bailey died with my wife and me holding her with love while she licked my finger. She trusted me so much. The picture I have provided is of her giving me her full trust as we played in water of the Sacramento Delta.

— Peter from Burlingame, CA