Sadie Sue

Mark, one year ago this last May, we adopted Sadie Sue! My step daughter, (17) talked my wife into getting a dog. My wife not a fan of dogs, asked what should we do to get one. I immediately said lets go to the local shelter.
My step daughter and I went. She was interested in a small purse type dog, (current fad). Yet all these dogs seems a little to high strung, even for her. She asked did I see anything, I said yes, a Cocker spaniel/golden lab mix. This dog was a mess, matted hair, Slighty ungroomed and the saddest eyes. My step daughter took no interest.
As we were leaving the shelter, two workers had Sadie Sue outside at the door. My step daughter walked up, knelt down, and Sadie Sue Stepped up and laid her head on her lap.
Mark, we did not pick this dog, she picked us. At that moment, Sadie Sue knew how to win over my step daughter, to the point she could not get Sadie out of her mind.
Sadie Sue is the best dog anyone could ask for, she is 10 years old, and my wife is total in love with this dog.
The joy she brings our family, cannot be measured or put into words! Makes us wonder how we ever got along without her!
You stated many times, there are wonderful dogs at shelters, and Mark you were right!

— Neal from Freeport, IL