My Mom and I were having a discussion about how much I truly love my dog…a 9 year old Doberman…..and how devastated she believes I will be when he leaves this good earth.
Her concern was that I have opened my heart too wide and the pain will be almost unbearable in an emotional sense.

I explained to my Mom that……she should be proud of herself for raising a son who has the ability to love unconditionally and in a deep meaningful way, even if it means facing some pain at times.

I would always prefer to risk immeasurable pain…rather than put up a wall that shields you from the bad……..and unfortunately the really good.

How much of a wall do you leave up in a relationship or……do you throw caution to the wind……allow your heart the opportunity to breathe unfettered… and then accept life as it greets you.

I had written this 2 years ago and last Sunday…my best friend of 11 ½ years passed into a quieter place.

The heartache is indeed sometimes too painful to bear, but I have no regrets, we had an amazing life together.

Prince…be a good boy up there.

— Manny from Toronto, Ontario