I would like to tell you about my dog white pit bull named, Mykayla. She loved everyone she met (except squirrels, cats and over pushy dogs).   She was happy everyday of her life until her legs turned to rubber and she collapsed in front of me July of 2005.  I rushed her to the first doctor that made me wait with her in my arms for 21/2 hours.  She seemed alert and happy at this point but was declining.  One side of her face was drooping a bit and she was drooling. One side of her body was not working, front and back leg. ( I was trying to be tough but was crying the whole time).Once they saw her they offered no advice, nothing! And when I asked about many different options they said no, no, no. Only to come back Monday (this was Friday night) for an MRI. I said, “Do I have to wait that long”? Their answer was,”She probably won’t die before then”. I took Mykayla home and then realized I don’t know how to have her go to the bathroom and went back the next morning for them to show me how to express her bladder. It was so full I thought it would burst! I didn’t want to go back there again and paying around $300.00, so I went to a vet in Riverdale closer to me. They took x-rays of Mykayla and blood tests, found nothing wrong but recommended a hospital 11/2 hours away and the doctor said he would monitor every move. Mykayla was alert at this time but sad and scared. My daughter drove her to the hospital that night, now 3 days after Mykayla collapsed. When we admitted her at the hospital a deposit had to be made up front and financial papers signed and the approximate cost they said would be $8,000. We put a sizable down payment on a credit card. To sum this horrible where they almost killed my dog….they preformed tests on my dog that were unauthorized. I had to leave her there to go to finish some work so that I could be freed up to be available. During this time I couldn’t get anyone on the phone to tell me what was going on with my dog. They lied to me….stalled me, etc. Even the local doctor who said he would monitor every move did not. I drove down there to take my dog home. When I saw the condition of my dog I was so angry you have no idea! I had taken her food initially because of being a “down dog” (not able to walk) she should eat her food softened. They wrote the instructions and put her food labeled in the refrigerator…but didn’t give her a drop! They tried to say she wouldn’t eat …and they told me she had diaherrea….I warned them how important that she only have her food because she will get sick if she is switched but in three days they didn’t take the time to hand feed her. I took pictures of her and the shaved skin on her side where they did a muscle biopsy and claimed to me that she had a bed sore. You could see her ribs. She was freezing, shaking and filthy dirty. I had taken some Holistic Remedies with me and food. Thinking she would stay as they recommended. But I knew before I went there that I needed to bring her home and I was right. She would never have made it to Saturday. I made them bring her to an examine room and I put blankets on her, gave her the remedies, feed her and cleaned her! She was completely dehydrated. Mykayla drank 11/2 liters of water on the spot and ate 21/2 cups of softened food! I stood by her on the gurney from 9pm til 3am until they kicked me out and I slept in my car and at 8am I took her from that hell hole on a stretcher and after sending most of them to hell for the treatment of my dog….I and crying I said “And my dog will walk again”!
I prayed so hard…I said, “GOD you created this beautiful dog for me to love and I’m not ready to loose her, please heal her”! I know HE helped me and Mykayla. I propped her with pillows, I expressed her bladder that would sometimes take an hour and I gave her enemas. I treated her with herbs and homeopathy….I hand feed her and I slept on the floor next to her sleeping maybe only 4 hours a night. My biggest concern was that her internal organs would shut. She had never been sick before in her life except when my daughter bought the wrong food, so she had that going for her. We saw progress and then many days when I questioned if I was doing the right thing by her. But what kept me going were the dreams that I know GOD gave me, my daughter and my neighbor who used to help in the morning shift to go outside. In all our dreams Mykayla was walking. After 4 months, I asked GOD to please have her walk on the next Sunday. That Sunday came and went and she didn’t stand. But the next Sunday ….she stood! I couldn’t believe my eyes! What I learned from this experience was to ask GOD but not tell HIM when!!!! I forgot to mention that I took Mykayla swimming to help re-build her muscles that had diminished and I would stretch her legs as physical therapy. But here’s the most fantastic thing…..in my constant research I read about frankincense oil; I was using others but decided to use this one. I really didn’t know how she could get her muscle mass back and I prayed about that too. After I applied the frankincense to her paws and down her spine, I saw the most amazing results. She began snoring in the deepest sleep and while lying on her side, began running and running and running. And day by day I could see her muscles building. It was a miracle!
I then made a carrier for my 50lb. dog so that I could relieve the friends who helped me carry her up and down the steps. And even after she began walking she could only go up the steps with me spotting her but for the next 4 years of her life, I hand fed her 4 times a day gave her $200.00 worth of people herbs and vitamins a month….and loved her to death. I have a video of her playing ball….she had a funny hop because some damage was down to her front legs. I believe it was from mold in the home I lived in because I too was sick for 2 1/2 years and didn’t know why but I was treating my sinus infections but poor Mykayla couldn’t tell me anything was wrong with her and she always seemed fine except in looking back there were a couple of times leading up to her collapse where I did see a couple of signs.

Well I vowed that as long as Mykayla was never in any pain I would do whatever it took to keep her with me. I have had many dogs in my life…growing up on a farm in Michigan and after…..but never a dog with her beauty inside and out. Everyone love Mykayla she was the embodiment of LOVE. ….all wrapped in a beautiful PIT BULL. In October of 2009 2 times Mykayla cried in pain and became stiff for a brief time gazing into space. I knew for a few months that the day was coming and I constantly tried to prepare myself to deal with that reality. My daughter picked Mykayla and me up and we went….my friend had made arrangements for me because I couldn’t. Once we were in the car Mykayla only picked her head up once…when my daughter left the car. Once she came back she continued to sleep in my arms. When we were in the waiting room filled with other animals she didn’t even look around. When we went to the examine room….she never checked anyone out, not her normal behavior even though she was totally with it. They gave me time alone with her and I was crying hard while kissing her face and she pulled away from me! My friend said, “Stop crying honey…it’s not good for her”, and he was right. When I stopped crying she didn’t pull away. She didn’t want me to cry…. Mykayla was fifteen and one half years old.
I will miss you forever, Mykayla

— Victoria from Riverdale, NY