Gemma & Rugby

Mark, our canine tale is full of joy, but ended in sadness. These were our beloved family dogs. We brought these litter-mates into our family when they were just 8 weeks old. Having lost another dog, we launched off on a quest to find the perfect replacement for Starbuck, and returned with Gemma and Rugby. Well, our five children were younger then and they fit into the family mix immediately and easily. They became our friends, playmates, guardians and at times, the great testers of our collective patience. But, all in all, part of the family. Unfortunately after many happy years of companionship, we lost Gemma on the left to a neighbor’s gun and Rugby to a hit and run driver. Those were sad days indeed. It’s hard to think of it, but I recently read “Rescuing Sprite” and it brought back so many cherished memories. Thank you, Mark for sharing Sprite’s life and your heart with us. It proved to be a tremendous help.

— Dan from Litchfield County, CT