About 7 years ago we rescued Chico from the pound he was chihuahua and dachshund mix. They said he was1 1/2 to 2 years old and weighed 4 pounds you could see every bone in his little body it was love at first site for the whole family. Our oldest daughter was depressed and had talked about suicide and asked for a dog and  Chico was the one. we took him home and what a perfect dog after one week we let him out to go to the bathroom and someone had forgot and left the gate open. good old Chico went out did his thing and came right back in no need to close the gate any more good old Chico never left the yard without us. two weeks after we had him wife decided to walk him around the block without a leash on him no problem with good old Chico no need for the leash any more. Good old Chico never got more than 10 feet in front of you.

Chico would always wake me up to take him out at night. got up when I got up for work and had breakfast with me and then go back to bed. when we had supper he always sat at the front corner of the refrigerator as I have said Chico was the perfect dog.

Chico got to be 12 pounds and he was happy Our oldest daughter was much happier and she has said many times that it was Chico that saved her life. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to save Chico. He became ill a couple of weeks ago and deteriorated rappidly he was starting to suffer we made the hardest choice we had to let him go. We all miss him deeply but I seem to have been hit exra hard I havent been able to eat much and I can hardly sleep.  When I do sleep I wake up at his usual times expecting to see him beside my bed and when he’s not there I can’t get back to sleep.

— Kenneth from Portage, MI