I want to thank you for your show and this forum. I had to let you know about a great friend of our family that we lost today. Her name was Prissy.  She was a Pekingese/Chihuahua mix.  We got Prissy as a shelter dog when she was four years old back in 1999.  She became one of our best buddies and a friend to all.  It has been a tough year for us in my household.  We have this past year had to take in my Father In-Law who is dealing with mild dementia and some other health issues.   In addition back at the beginning of the year my Father had to go into the hospital and is currently attempting to wean off of a ventilator. So losing Prissy has been a big blow to us.   It has been tough on my wife, who I think feels bad that she could not do more for Prissy towards the end.  I have to remind her that we have had a lot on our plates lately.  I even have to remind myself with work, trying to help Mother  & Dad, and helping my wife.    However one of the things that I don’t think I will ever forget was today.  My sister in-law and niece were there.  It was hard on Leannie (my niece).  She and Prissy were real close.  However I think Prissy had to know just how loved she was.   The vet who handled putting her to sleep was really great and her kindness towards us was something that I think will always touch me. It had to be strange to see this gut unable to keep it together but she was very patient with me!  Well I think I will go now.  But thanks again Mark for this forum. Please remember us in your prayers.  And thanks again.  I think I really needed this.

— Mark from San Antonio, TX