Well when I met my wife she was living in Miami and I was in Orlando, On the weekends I would drive down to see her and we would always go to pet shops looking for a special little puppy to take home. After many trips back and forth, we could never decide on one especially because of the costs. One day my soon to be wife’s friend came home and told us about someone she new that had chihuahua/ mini pins for sale, so we wanted to see them. Well out of all the new pups there was only a couple left and my wife brought one of them home. PANCHO. At fist I was uncertain about the little guy and a bit hesitant to keep him. But then I thought this poor little guy needs someone to take really good car of and that person was me. This little Guy brings me so much Joy and wants nothing but love. My wife and I have had Pancho for 10 years now and he has to be the best dog in the world. Great personality and what a lover!!! Just like a person.. We love you P nut!

— Justin in Orlando, FL