Earlier this month, I took my 15 year old cat, Gus to the vet thinking that he would have to be put to sleep.  His health had declined over the summer, and he was having trouble breathing.  He had a heart condition, and I knew he didn’t have much time left.

The vet said he had fluid in the lungs.  She drained his lungs, and he seemed to be more comfortable.  Unfortunately, his heart couldn’t take the stress, and he passed later that night.

I was absolutely distraught.  I had lost my best friend.  Gus died on a Monday night, the following Saturday I sat down and read Rescuing Sprite.  I wept openly through the entire book, and in many ways it was a painful experience.  But when I finished, I felt closure.  Thank you Mark for your wonderful book.

— Gus from Reading, PA