My Chocolate Lab, Fudge, was taught that she could not go in the pool unless she was given permission, which consisted of calling or sending her in, or someone throwing a ball in. And she was pretty good about playing by the rules.

One day I was sitting in my home office watching her browse around the yard while listening to some terminally boring conference call, and all of a sudden I could see her tail go up, “On Point” as it were.

She rooted around in the bushes beside the deck for a minute and came up with a bright yellow tennis ball. Must have come over the fence from the kids next door because the only ones we had were pink rubber, they survived her mouth better.

So here she is, proudly walking around the pool chewing away at this new prize and suddenly it was just like in the cartoons where a light bulb lights above the character’s head. She stopped, kind of glanced left and right, turned, threw the ball into the pool, and then jumped in after it.

I only wish I had it on film.

Jim from TX