I am an avid cat lover (sorry Mark). I have 4 cats that I am very attached to.

The one I had to put down 8 years ago, was the one I will never forget. Buckwheat was a beautiful all black cat that I am pretty sure had some Siamese in him. He was so very intelligent. He understood everything I told him and did whatever I asked of him….sometimes willingly…sometimes not so much.

He had a heart murmur all of his life. I treated it w/ medicine but when he was a month shy of his 14th birthday, he threw a clot. He lost feeling and control from his waste down. There was nothing the vet could do and very unexpectedly, without warning I was by myself having to put my beloved baby down. It will be 8 years this October and I still miss him and have some moments of severe grief.

I really got the agony that you, Mark, went through with Sprite (I just finished the book). I don’t know whether quick and unexpected is better than time to say goodbye but either way it is painful.

I believe that Buckwheat is waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge with all the other beloved pets I (and others) have lost and when it is my time, I will meet them there and we will cross over the bridge to the Pearly Gates together. This is a great comfort to me.

In the meantime, I am raising 4 other Kitty Kids and loving every minute. Even when I am threatening them to sell them to the Gypsies for free!

— Chris from Indianapolis, IN