My Golden Retriever, Douglas, and I were on my small boat heading out on a wilderness lake to camp on an island. As the boat approached the island, Douglas started growling. The boat touched land and out of the forest came a Black Lab. She was apprehensive but I coaxed her close enough to to grab her and pull on board. The trip was over. The Lab was priority. Someone drove her clear out in the middle of a lake, took off her collar and set her on the island. A death warrant. She was covered with ticks and starving. Long story short; The lab named Shade, is my constant companion and is my shadow along with Douglas the Golden. That story occurred three years ago. I can not pass up a dog on the road. I now have 12 dogs that I have saved. I have saved and found homes for 43 dogs last year and already have placed 15 this year. The most recent addition was a pregnant hound who had pups two months ago. 3 of seven pups have been placed. I’m running out of money but the gratification is worth the effort. I love em.

— Gary from Greenback, TN