I am a dog lover, when i listen to mark and his listeners on the radio talk about their dogs, it always brings tears to my eyes.  My empathy is so heart felt.  I know the pain that is felt for our beloved family members who are sick and or dieing.  Being especially fond of spaniels, having 3 of them right now, a springer spaniel, and 2 cavalier king charles spaniels, and in the past 9 years having lost 2 cockers and a saint bernard.  I myself have been through some pain with each of their passings.  I wanted to let anyone who is going through this rough time know my thoughts and try and offer what helped me.  Time is the only thing that helped me get back to a normal life, the pain can be so deep and the heart ache never goes away, and it does get easier with time. your tears give honor to that life you shared with your dogs, so let it pour.  Our dogs , the closest thing to knowing God is such a blessing.  They are truly our best friends, and sometimes we are closer to them than humans, thus explaining why the pain is so deep.  Thank- you Mark for letting me share and bless you all for loving and caring for these very special gifts from god.

— Nancy from Laytonville, CA