Hamilton & Abigail

We have two beautiful chocolate labs. Hamilton is 13 years old and Abigail is 9 years old. They love being together and are best buddies as you can see in the picture attached. Hamilton has several health problems, but with 5 medications, he is still hanging in there and sometimes thinks he is still a puppy. He has arthritis, congestive heart failure and liver problems from taking medications for his arthritis. He is also going deaf and finding it hard to see well. We spoil both dogs rotten and they usually claim the sofa before we get a chance to sit down. We worry about Hamilton because of his age and health problems, but he just keeps going and we hope we have him for several more years. Abbie has some arthritis too, but still gets around very well and is a sweetheart. Never thought I would be so crazy about dogs, but these two are part of our family and we love them dearly.

— Linda in Jersey Shore, PA