I was at working at home one day and stacked the dogs’ beds on top of one another to save some space.  As I came back into the room, I couldn’t find our Basset Hound.  Then, I noticed the nose sticking out of the two beds and realized that she had made a sandwich… the two beds with her as the filling!

Dixie is our seven year old Basset Hound that we rescued four years ago.  She came to us after being neglected for many years and never had been on a leash for a walk.  Needless, to say she humors us on a daily basis…from the Dixie sandwich, to howling at fire engines to save us, and getting into trouble all the time.  But she is also the most lovable animal that just wants love and attention, always ready to curl up on your lap, thinking she weighs only five pounds.

Over two years ago, Dixie developed glaucoma which we have thankfully controlled through eye drops.  She sure costs a heavy amount each month but her presence in our home is priceless.

Our hope is that everyone finds a rescue dog like our Dixie girl!

— Kristin from Pleasanton, CA