This is a Shadow. She was 9 when she past away from Cancer in March 1, 2009. Shadow is also my inspiration for a company I started ” Just me and my Shadow. I work helping seniors. Shadow had a special job each morning. She would go out and get the paper and bring it in and put it by the couch. This became one of my inspirations for the Shadow Paper Pick-up Program in which I have 40 seniors who I go out and pick up their papers from the driveways and put them on their bannister so they don’t go out and fall picking up the paper. Shadow had many other tricks taught to him by me and my family in her 9 yrs. She would bark out “I Love you” and “Thank You”. She loved the beach. She would go out and find the biggest stick on the beach and bring it to me to throw. There where times Icould not even pick it up. But, she would carry it around until we left the beach. I miss her dearly. She was something very special to me.
— Eric from Campbell, CA