I lost my little Beagle Haley a couple of years ago. I was taught by my Father not to cry. I have never had any trouble keeping my emotions locked up inside. After my little “Fatty” died I lost control of all of my emotions. I tried so hard not cry but just couldn’t control myself. My wife seemed to learn to cope with Haley’s death after a while. I still to this day cannot talk too much about Haley or I start getting choked up. My wife thinks it is not normal for me to be this upset after this amount of time, but I feel guilty if I am not upset when I think about my dog. My wife read your book and recommended that I read it. I agreed and read it. It took me a little while considering I am not much of a reader (kind of ironic since I am a teacher). Your book made such an impact on me. I really and truly appreciate your book. I was amazed that as I read page after page I felt and have experienced each emotion that you wrote in your book. I distinctly remember reading after Sprite died that you felt like you executed him. That was the the biggest thing I connected with while reading your book. Little Haley died January 3rd 2008 and I still to this day feel like I executed her. She died because her body was loaded with cancer. I just feel if I would have spent a little more money and gave her more time she may have lived. Everyone I talk to tells me that it was her time to leave us but I just cannot forgive myself for letting her go. I have to pass her Vet everyday when I go to work and return home. I kid you not, there is not a day that goes by that I do not look at that building and think to myself “That’s where my little Haley died.”. Mark, Thank you for writing down your feelings and experiences with Sprite. I was sitting on my boat reading your book when a friend showed up and saw what I was reading. He smiled and asked which book of yours I was reading. I wasn’t aware at the time of what your occupation was until I got deeper into the book. My friend said “I listen to him all the time on the radio.” Kind of funny that my friend is a very political person and I am just a dog loving shop teacher. Seemed funny to me that he reads your political based books and I was just concerned with a dog book. I am happy to say that I often listen to you on WJR 760 in Detroit now. I must admit that I am listening to you more because of your love for animals than your political opinions. Thank you again for your love for animals and making me feel like I am not so wrong in how I feel. I have attached a picture of both of our Beagles. The top head is Katie (she is still with us) and Haley is the bottom head.

— Jason from Roseville, MI