I have always resisted getting a dog because of living in apartments, I never felt it was a good place to have a dog. Then 2 years after buying a house, it was burglarized while I was at work. The Police told me I would be better off getting a dog than an alarm system, so I searched Petfinder and found Buddy. As soon as I saw his picture, I knew he was the one. He was 5 months old when I got him, he is now 7 years old, spoiled and I don’t know what I would do without him. If you notice in the picture, when he’s riding in the car with me, he will lean toward me and put his paw across my arm while we’re riding. I am so saddened by the stories of all those that have lost their pets, and it makes me appreciate my furry friend all the more. Condolences to those that have lost their pets, and to those that haven’t, show your little friend as much love as you can now while you can.
— Lee from Royce City, TX