I have rescued several animals in my life including a cat from a shelter and 3 older dogs that were considered hard to adopt out. All of them are and were very special to me.

In July of 2002, I rescued a 5-year-old yellow Labrador Retriever from the shelter. I named him Barney. He was always a “velcro” dog, sticking with me everywhere. Each time I returned home after being gone, I was showered with his kisses.

Barney was protective of me and he so appreciated what I did for him. In January this year, he succumbed to his battle with cancer that had spread throughout his body and I had to mercifully put him to sleep.

Although I greatly miss my sweet Barney, I always am grateful for the 7 1/2 years that we had together. Each time I see one of his big Nylabones that he loved to play fetch with, I am filled with warm memories of him.

Thanks so much, Mark, for providing this page.

— Linda from Anaheim, CA