I thought you would enjoy hearing about our latest Rescued Italian Greyhound – Mariah. She has great “taste” in literature. In fact, she has eaten both Liberty & Tyranny and Rescuing Spright! She pulled both out of a pile of books! She seems to enjoy your books so much that I put your dad’s book up out of the way quickly so she couldn’t see the name Levin on the cover.
She came from an abusive BYB program in WI so we excuse some of her odd behaviors. She was afraid of the world and we have worked to make her a happy little girl!
She is the cute little red girl looking the opposite direction in the picture. that’s our Mariah.
The other two girls are Sadie who is 13 and was rescued at age 6 and Annabelle (Annie) who we adopted at 7 months from Rescue. Sadie and Annie are both registered Therapy Dogs and go to two nursing homes and a psych hospital every week. It’s a great thing to be able to help people through my dogs.

— Doreen in Vernon, VT