I am an over the road truck driver working for a large company as an independent contractor. This makes it possible to listen to Mark on satellite and all the stories he tells about his dogs. More than once I have had tears in my eyes from them.
My story is about my cat, Phuzzz.
Phuzzz the cat is 13 years old and has been with me since she was 6 weeks old. Phuzzz is a tuxedo and would dance on her hind feet when she was young always bringing a smile to my eyes when I was going through personal tribulations.
Phuzzz began sleeping with me curled up next to my face following my surgery and the post op infection that kept me out of work for over a year and a half.
Phuzzz now rides in my truck with me all the time.
Phuzzz has been more places than most people have. She has been from Seattle to San Diego, Across Arizona, all over Texas, and all the way over to Miami. She has been up the east coast through Manhattan, (she didn’t like Queens), up to the St. Lawrence Seaway and back across to her home in Milwaukee.
She has seen 45 states all total.
Phuzzz curls up with me in the sleeper every night. She never complains and rides in the passenger seat all day long.
Phuzzz is always curious and I get many thumbs up from other drivers and families that see her in the window while we are driving. DOT cops are always curious about her and I have had more questions about Phuzzz from them than about my truck.
Phuzzz is a sweet and wonderful cat. She still has her claws and occasionally uses them on me as well as giving me a small love bite every now and again.
God gave me the best cat he could find and I will always be grateful for her.
She is now what my disabled veteran daughter like to call, morbidly obese and quite lazy, but she is the best woman I have ever met and I will never let her get away.
— Steve from Milwaukee, WI