I have just finished reading “Rescuing Sprite” and wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it. My father, a fan of yours, bought it for me knowing how much I loved my dog. Four years ago I, like you Mark, had to make that awful decision to put my dog down. Her name was Samantha (Sam) and she was 1/2 chow and 1/2 minuature collie. She looked like a large black fox. I adored her. She was my constant companion through my 20’s. When she was about 11 she was diagnosed with Cushins disease which is a benign tumor on pituitary gland. It made her ravenously hungry and thirsty. It was somewhat controllable with medicine and gave me 3 additional years with her. In the end I knew it was time when one morning she was unable to stand. Though I knew the day was coming it was not any easier to do and a very sad day. Like you Mark, I had a vet who came to my home and I was able to hold her in my arms as she passed away. I will never forget the moment the vet carried her out the door wrapped in a blanket. My brother, Dorian, came over and held my hand and prayed for her soul. I found a wonderful miniature hope chest and wood burned her name into the top. I put her toys, blanket, leash, bowl..and ashes into it. I then typed up a list of all her wonderful qualities and put it in the box. It was my way of saying goodbye. Someday I will open that box and smell her blanket for her ‘essence’ but not now. Maybe when the years pass and the pain has lessened. Perhaps when I am 90. Thank you for sharing your story with us. It made me remember my beloved dog again. You see, mostly its too painful for me to think about…so I don’t. I needed your book to rememeber and for the first time in 4 years I could close my eyes and remember exactly how her fur felt in that special place she liked me to scratch.. behind her ears.

— Amy from Little Egg Harbor, NJ