Rupert was 2 when we adopted him from the Humane Society. When “Daddy” went out to sea, and his sub stationed away for an additional length of time, he was afraid Rupert would forget him.
I will never forget sitting at the front glass door, waiting for him to come home, Rupert watching for strangers and joggers. The car drives into the yard, and Rupert begins to growl. A low bark as he sees a stranger getting out of the car, and the stranger hefts a large sea bag onto his shoulder cuts across the yard to the door. Half way across the yard, Rupert recognizes exactly who it is- I didn’t know he could wiggle that many muscles, jump that high, and whine that loudly in greeting! He loves Mommy but he is DADDY’S BOY. This picture was taken later in the backyard, and Rupert’s love for his daddy is unquestionable.
— Charlene from Alabaster, AL