My wife and I rescued a Great Pyrenees pup 3 1/2 years ago. Gabriel, named after the angel, survived parvo and a severe case of mange. It was said that because of his rough start, Gabriel might have a final adult weight of 70 lbs., very small for a male Great Pyrenees. As Gabriel grew, his zest for life amazed me and my wife, Kenda. He is a robust 95 lbs. today. He is a certified therapy dog and when we take Gabe to a nursing home, he comes home and is wiped out because all of his energy has been given to the folks he has come into contact with during his visit. Just recently we had a couple over that are going to adopt two Great Pyrenees pups, a brother and sister. One of the future owners is recovering from breast cancer and is still undergoing chemo treatment. When the couple came over to our house and sat on the couch, Gabriel immediately jumped between them and sniffed the wife. He then promptly sat down and put his head in her lap for the entire visit. Gabriel is an amazing dog and we have many stories of his love for life and people that are so fortunate to come into contact with him.
— Terry from Perrysburg, OH