This is my dog Poppy,she’s about 17 years old and is probably in the same shape as Griffin ie. her back and her rear legs are weak, lucky shes light in the rear. She spins around like your dog before she lays down,shes also blind and pretty much deaf but shes still kicking.She was a stray that my wife found in Queens NY, we’ve had her for most of her 17 years. In her day she was one tough cookie, she would show her teeth to other dogs and they would just back away, she actually did that to me as well when I met her but then she came to love me and I her, she definately had trust issues with people and with other dogs, but after a couple of days she’d usually warm up to people. She would never bite any one, she would just show her teeth if you tried to touch her and she did’nt know you; but if you let her be she would stand by you and not bother you. now shes pretty mellow and she lets any one touch her. Even though she is missing about 9 teeth, has bad breath ,can only see shadows, can barely hear shes still my” special angel’.

— Thomas in Malverne, NY