I’ve had dogs almost my entire life – all German Shepherds. They’re wonderful animals and when my husband and I married, we agreed that we would get another one. Then one day soon after we’d moved into our new home just north of Atlanta, I was painting baseboards when I heard the car pull up into the driveway. And then I heard, “come on girl – come on out.” As I looked out the front door, there came my step-son with a VERY DIRTY Yellow Lab in tow. While out shopping, they decided to adopt her. This was my very first Shelter dog. I must admit, I wasn’t impressed. She was extraordinarily friendly, but didn’t listen at all, wasn’t yet housebroken, and was a general nuissance! Then again, I was used to German Shepherds. I soon discovered that Labs are completely different animals. I wasn’t thrilled about all of this, but, after a few months of getting her used to our ways, I suddenly realized that it was myself who was getting used to her. Polly has been the most loving and wonderful dog I’ve ever had the pleasure to live with. She’s WONDERFUL in the house, never leaves our side, and is always ready to love anyone who comes through the door. She’s so at home with us that she doesn’t even wake up when I vacuum next to her – or on her! We moved back to Florida several years ago, and I work from our home now. Polly is 13 years old now and my business partner – always at my side while I’m on the computer, and always there with a paw in my lap when I need a friend. I often wonder how someone could have given away such a loving creature, because I can’t imagine my life without her!

– Suzzanne from Naples, FL