FOUND A PEANUT…12 years ago my husband pulled into a convenience store and noticed a skinny, sad-looking Beagle sitting just outside the door as he entered the store. He asked the clerk about the dog and the clerk said she’s been sitting there for hours. He said a car came through, opened it’s doors and pulled-off, leaving her behind. Being a dog-lover anyway, my husband walked out and petted this little thing. Her doleful eyes and long floppy ears were just too much to ignore so he put her in his truck and brought her home, where we already had 2 dogs and a cat. We instantly fell in love with this Beagle, who we named “Peanut” because she was little compared to our 2 big dogs, and from the song “Found a Peanut”. The vet said she was a pure-bread Beagle, about 4 years old and had obviously been used for breeding. We got her healthy again and she has been a source of love and pure sweetness in our lives ever since. She doesn’t do tricks, or anything funny or silly – she is just an angel. She has live safely and happily in our home and has outlived our other beloved pets. Currently we have one other dog and a cat. Peanut is now 16 years old and is finally starting to show signs of quality of life issues. Our grateful hearts ache when we think of losing her, and we don’t talk about it. We just show her even more love than ever before. She now has frequent accidents in the house, and this is hard to deal with but we just clean it up and forget about it. We have lost 2 other beloved dogs that we resuced, but Peanut has been with us the longest. She is a gift from God and we will never stop thanking Him for bringing her into our lives.

— Trish from Atlanta, GA