I adopted Brandi from the Saint Bernard Rescue in the fall of 2001. She came from a home that fed her but otherwise left her in the back yard on her own. Saints really love their people. They want to be with you all the time. We spend Sunday’s on the couch watching sports together. She is always ready to go for a car ride or for a walk around the block. She greets me at the end of my work day with the excitement of a small child. Last year she was diagnosed with laryngeal paralysis. I almost lost her! This is a hardening of the larynx. With out proper function a dog can suffocate. She nearly did! After several phone calls and visits to veterinarians we found one that was in our area that was confident that their staff could perform the surgery. It wasn’t cheap. I couldn’t let my best friend suffer nor could I let her go. I knew from the time I first met her that she would always count on me to take care of her. She is doing well now and fully recovered from the surgery. I went to visit her after the surgery. She was so happy to see me. She made such a fuss that a few hours later the vet called for me to take her home. Brandi’s fur has grown back. She looks as she did before with small catch. She has only half a bark. One side of her larynx is permanently tied back which lets her breath normally. Now instead of a collar we use a halter which she thinks is just fine. Someday I know that it will be her time, but not for now. I cherish each day that I have with her as my best friend.

– Cary from Medford, OR