I am a dog lover I have had many dogs growing up. I had a dog named Teddy, pure breed German Shepherd. We got him from a friend when he was six weeks old. He was the cutest of the bunch just like a little teddy bear. Teddy was the family dog. No one could harm the family. All my friends loved him and he loved them. Teddy loved to play in the snow. When he would see it snowing outside he would whine to go out an play. When I had my daughter he was jealous of her but very over protective of her at the same time. When she was little my daughter would share her snacks with Teddy. He would take them from her very softly. Teddy would sleep at the foot of my bed at nights and would even want the covers on him. He was alert to everything. He would not go to sleep at night until the last person arrived home from work or hanging out. He knew the sound our keys made when walking up the stairs to our building.

Your book reminds me so much of my dog that I cried the whole time that I read it. I couldn’t take it to work and read on the train because of that. Teddy had to be put to sleep because he had bad arthritis in his hind legs and a tumor on his front leg an whenever anyone would try an help him he snapped especially at my daughter. I couldn’t bare to see my beloved dog in so much pain when I remember him very playful and happy. It was the saddest day when I had to put him to sleep almost 4yrs ago. I think his spirit wanders that house at times to make sure everyone is safe at home.

– Ann from Brooklyn, NY