Lady & Fonda

We rescued Lady, the fawn on the left, in December of 2007. She is five years old and ran 105 races in West Virginia before finding us. She has inspired my wife and I to dedicate our spare time to saving the lives of these noble athletes. We received our seven year old brindle girl, Fonda, in January of this year after several litters and 90 races in Colorado. Greyhounds make the most amazing companions. They seem to know that we saved their lives and appear to be grateful beyond expectation. I call these two our “ambassadogs” for their part in appearing at our local meet & greets. This is where we introduce the greyhounds to the public. Our girls lay around and let people pet them and show what docile animals they are. Greyhounds are called forty mile an hour couch potatoes. They are the second fastest land creature, only to to be outran by the cheetah, and have been clocked at speeds up to 45 MPH ! Being sprinters, they spend most of their time lounging. Many people have the wrong ideas about these hounds and I would hope that many more people would take time to investigate this wonderful breed. It is sad to think that after these regal athletes have made their owners so much money they are killed by the tens of thousands when they stop winning races or get injured. Thank you for taking time to get to know me and my girls. Hopefully we all can learn from the only animal that practices unconditional love as a regular way of life.

– Gil in San Carlos, CA