Our family rescued Fred as an 8 week old Weimeraner 10 ½ years ago. We lost our little guy to a brain tumor last Wed 2/17/10, and he is terribly missed. Fred had to be seen to be believed. When we adopted Fred as a puppy, the Weim Rescue representative told us he was her favorite, but he constantly made a strange, expressive noise, like he was communicating. My wife and I deemed it his “horn”, and if you asked if he was interested in a walk, or a treat or dinner, he’d let you know that he was on board. His horn was so unique, expressive, and indicative of how full of life he was.

Fred lived for walks and time with his family. He loved to chase squirrels and lay in your lap as if he didn’t weigh 90lbs. He was special beyond words, whether giving our kids kisses, or waiting patiently at the window for us to come home. His tail would wag at a mere glance in his direction. He loved people, the car, other dogs, peanut butter bones and children. What we would give to have him back.

Fred’s brother Buckley, was rescued 9 years ago as a 2yr old Weim that was in pretty bad shape. Fred took to him immediately, and they were inseparable ever since. Buckley seems pretty lost without his wing man- so are we.

– Chris from Dallas, TX

To us, he was the biggest blessing, and the greatest dog. We love you Fred!