Dexter And Buddy

My brother suggested I read your book. I appreciate you sharing your wonderful dogs, Pepsi and Sprite, with your fellow dog lovers. I can relate wholeheartedly to your words and emotions.

Between 2006 and 2009, my husband and I lost our three dogs; Charlie, a six-year old red nosed pit bull that we rescued, was diagnosed with cancer with no warning. We put him down during Easter 2007. Nine months later, my precious eight-year old Sasha Sweetpea collapsed suddenly. There was nothing they could do. She was bleeding internally. Once again, we left the vet’s office with a leash and collar. This past June, our 11.5 year old yellow lab, Hoss, succumbed to a heart ailment which caused his body to overheat. We rushed him to the vet and tried desperately to save him, but we knew we couldn’t. Each of the above events shook me and I felt a pain like I’ve never felt in my life.

We were known in town for our three big dogs who we lived our life around; who ruled the house; slept on our bed (we slept with them since they took up most of the bed); and brought so much hectic joy into our lives. Each of them so unique and special. I have each of their ashes on a special table my husband made in my home office surrounded by their photos and their collars. I do feel that they are with us.

Since losing Charlie in 2007, I spent many, many hours on petfinder.com just looking; this was my therapy. When Sasha passed suddenly 9 months later, I didn’t think I could make it through, but I did. And then losing Hoss was too much. However, this past August, a dog on petfinder.com FOUND ME. I drove to Durant OK from Keller TX and adopted him. He was a mess; fleas, ticks, dermatitus, two types of worms, malnourished, but despite his physical condition, he was and is the sweetest, most gentle, lovable, huggable, snuggable, good-natured dog, EXACTLY as you described Sprite. We named him Dexter Doodle. Almost immediately, we realized that he needed a sibling. This time, petfinder.com had a dog who was right here in Keller. I went to see if he’d be a good fit and knew instantly that I had found Dexter’s brother. I adopted who we named Buddy (Dexter’s little buddy) on the spot and drove home. I put Buddy outside and said to Dexter, “I have a surprise for you.” I let Dexter out and I kid you not, after one sniff, they were off and running. Again, their acceptance and bond and love for each other is exactly how you described Pepsi and Sprite’s relationship. I was not able to have children so my dogs are my babies. I would do anything for them that would be for their benefit, not mine.

All of our dogs, Charlie, Sasha Sweetpea, Hoss, Dexter and Buddy, have captured our hearts and brought us such joy, laughs, warmth that only a dog can; they’ve taught us what unconditional love truly is. I cherish every single memory of the loved ones we’ve lost and the ones we have now do not replace them. Your story reminded me of how precious time is with our pets. Thank you and your family for sharing your joy and anguish. I hope Pepsi and Griffen are doing well. I’m sure Sprite approves. I know Charlie, Sasha and Hoss are happy that we found Dexter and Buddy.

– Debora from Keller, TX