Chow Chow

Back in August I bought a kitten a Chause from a lady on the Internet I fell in love with him from the first time I laid eyes on him with him being an exotic cat I read everything I could lay mu hands on so I could be a good mom my Chow was my heart I was training him to be my therapy animal ( I am a veteran) he knew when I was getting into trouble before my body did we where connected. We where un separable he would sit in the basket at the store, he rode with me in the car and sleep at my head at night if I started having a nightmare he would wake me up with a light purr and a slap to the face. Then he started losing a lot of weight I took him to the vet an found out he had a bad heart and he also had feline leukemia he had his shots but from what the vet said he was borne with the problems. Two day’s later my 9 month old kitten died in my arms and it feels like I have a hole in my heart

I found out about a group called Chause rescue and now I am a member rescuing and finding good homes for exotic cats so far I have places several cats from a osiecat to a savanna my Chow is still with me along with the hole in my heart but if I can help other animals find forever homes I think my CHOW CHOW will be happy.

– Jeanette from Denham Springs, LA