My beagle is ten years old. His name is Beau. He is such a great companion, family member, and guard. The story of the beginning life is unknown since he was about 6 years old when he came into mine. I found Beau at the local pound around Thanksgiving. The city pound had caught fire and the animals were placed into a facility that was extremely small and could only hold about 15 animals. Beau was in a cage on the floor in the corner. His eyes were full of sadness and you could see that his heart was broken. One look at those eyes and I convinced my mom to let me adopt him. The next day my mom called the pound and she told them that she was coming to adopt him just as they were loading him into a truck to be euthanized. His life was saved and that afternoon he was in our home exploring the new smells and becoming acquainted with our cat, Rosie. Now Beau was an older dog that was set in his ways. He was stubborn and grumpy. But despite his moodiness the love he has for his family is so evident. He is always on guard. He is always so thrilled when we arrive home from school or work. He always loves a good walk with a scent for his nose to trail. Today we took him to the vet because a little nodule has appeared on him. The vet confirmed that it is a tumor however, it is not known if it is cancerous. I pray to God that’s not. But if it is, I know that everyday he spends with us, he knows he loved. He is happy and not afraid of anything. A quote from Abe Lincoln goes, “It’s not the number of years lived that count. It’s life that inside those years that matters.” As of right now I don’t what God has planned for Beau. But everyday God keeps him with me, I am grateful and will give him even more love than from the day before.

– Courteney from Mansfiled, TX