Hi Mark. I am a newcomer to your website. I have listened to your show on air several times as I travel across this great country of ours the U.S. of A! I am a truck driver trying to find my dream on the road. The apple pie dream however is just that-a dream. I’m 49 years of age broke and trying my hand at driving truck. But the $7,800 gross I have made this past 6 months and $2,400 net pay are not much of an incentive. I do however have a companion on my truck I named “Buddy.” Buddy is my 14 pound male neutered Pomeranian I found at the local dog pound in Post Falls, Idaho. He’s my chief of security while we travel. I only hope that somewhere on this journey I can find a way to make a living. I am fearful that our current president is too self-absorbed with his own agenda that those of us working-class cannot make a living. I am a baby-boomer who is college educated-B.S. Degree and can’t make a decent buck. I am homeless except for the truck I stay in while on the road. I have no apartment, home, just my company truck. Is there hope? I don’t know. I’d like to think so. So Buddy keep on truckin’ in the hope things will improve. Thanks again for your insights.

Dave from ID