I had a dashhund That i had since he was a puppy. I lived with and loved him like one of my own family. He was with me for 16 years and we had a lot of good times together. He would talk to me (in his own way) and when I was at homeĀ  we were constantly together. If he needex to go out he would come to me and tell me (again in the only way he could0 but I understood what He wanted because he barked in a different way. He had funny ways. He liked to eat katydids and june bugs. No other kind of insects. He did a lot of other things that made him special. We had fun together in a special relationship. He left me a few years ago. I was so devasted I went into deprtession. I missed two days of work. Its been I guess three years and I sit here with tears in my eyes as I write this. I can under stand how you felt losing Sprite. My dogs name was Toby and he\’s still a part of my life. We still compare him to what he would do in different situations. God bless you!

Richard from TN