My Doberman, Sombra was my love. She was beautiful, smart and sweet. If she had been a person, she would  probably be Princess Grace. I got her shortly after getting married and she saw me through birth of 2 babies and sadly, my divorce.  She got cancer after only 9 yrs. 1 yr or 100, it\’s never long enough Mark! She wasn\’t in any pain, she still wanted to play but the tumor was on her shoulder so i had to make sure she could catch her ball and not let her go after it. I watched her carefully and when her poor leg started to turn a bit I knew I had to put her down. The vet warned that her leg would break and I didn\’t want that. I made sure I was with her. We buried her in the yard (I didn\’t bother to ask the city if it was ok.) It was years ago but I still love her.I\’ve had to put a few of my favorites to sleep and a few went on their own. It\’s heartbreaking but it\’s part of the deal. I have a 1 yr old Newfoundland Hound now and when I brought Murphy home a few days after losing my poodle of 12 yrs, I thought,\” In 9 to 12 yrs my heart will be breaking again.\”  Until then though,I\’m gonna  play with my dog!!

Debbie from MI