Remembering My Fancy

I was lucky enough to have Two special Dogs. I sent you Sandy\’s, this is

\’\”Remembering My Fancy\”, 1991-2001

Walking into a Pet Store, In the year of \’92,
Just looking for a dog to buy,
But instead, I found You.

Your brothers were hogging the front of the cage,
As you tried to root your way through
I could hear you yelling as you danced back and forth,

The owner took you all three out and sat you on the floor,
I could tell you were not just a dog,
You were oh so much more.

With one lick on my face, You stole my heart that day,
Little did I know we\’d only have ten years,
Before you\’d go away.

You were there on the days I felt down and out,
When I felt I couldn\’t go on,
You\’d jump in my lap, Toss me a toy, as if to say,
LET\’S PLAY!!!!!\”

I\’ll never forget the car rides we took,
You\’d sit in your carseat so proud,
The sight of a dog in a carseat,
People would laugh out loud.

Then came that dark December day,
I came home and called your name,
The silence yelled throughout the house,
Something wasn\’t the same.

I walked into your room and saw you on the floor,
It was as if you were just asleep,
As you lay there near the door.

I picked you up and held you close,
Your body was still warm,
This couldn\’t be happening, it wasn\’t time,
My heart was so torn.

Now I look at all your pictures,
Scattered around the house,
And I remember the day I walked into a Pet Store,
But came away with more………
Renee from GA